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ZO® Skin Health in Seattle, WA

North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics is proud to provide our patients with a broad range of effective medical-grade skin care products, including ZO® Skin Health by Dr. Obagi. If you’d like more information about these products or would like to schedule your own skincare consultation, contact us today. North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics provides skin care products to residents in Mill Creek, Seattle and Everett.

What is ZO® Skin Health?

ZO® Skin Health is a medical-grade skin care product line founded by Dr. Zein Obagi in the early 2000’s. Their innovative line of skin care products combines a three-step approach to traditional skin care, powerful technologies and product education to help you get the most out of your daily skin care routine. ZO® Skin Health’s comprehensive line is created to suit all skin types, regardless of age, ethnicity and unique skin condition.

What are the Benefits of Using ZO® Skin Health?

There are many benefits of using ZO® Skin Health products as directed by our expert team, including:

  • Condition-specific correction
  • Gentle enough for the most sensitive skin
  • Provides outstanding results on all skin types, regardless of age and ethnicity
  • Can be used to cleanse, exfoliate, prevent acne, reduce sun damage, combat aging and more
  • Light-weight and easy to use products
  • Bioengineered formulas with exclusive formulations you can’t find anywhere else

What Results Can I Expect After Using ZO® Skin Health?

When you come in for a skin care consultation with one of our expert team members, they will evaluate your skin and listen to your biggest concerns about your skin tone, texture or aging. From there, they will develop a fully personalized skin care regimen to help you achieve your desired results. When using your ZO® Skin Health daily regimen, you can expect outstanding results in treating your unwanted skin conditions. ZO® Skin Health will help you get the smooth, silky, rejuvenated skin you deserve.

Is ZO® Skin Health Right for Me?

Have you been trying to jump start your skin health, but haven’t been seeing the results you desire from over-the-counter products, serums and creams? Or have you been itching to update your skin care routine with medical-grade products that are more compatible with your skin type? If so, ZO® Skin Health skin care products may be right for you. The best way to determine with ZO® Skin Health products you will benefit from most is to come in for a private skin consultation with one of our skilled team members. They’ll sit down with you, listen to your concerns, and develop a fully personalized treatment plan to help you achieve your ultimate results.

If you would like to try ZO® Skin Health products or learn more about medical-grade skin care, contact us today to schedule a consultation. North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics is proud to serve residents of Everett, Seattle, and the neighboring communities of Washington.

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