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Varicose Vein Treatment in Seattle, WA

Options of dealing with varicose veins have evolved over the many years and there are now painless and quick recovery varicose vein treatments. North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics, located in the Seattle area, offers varicose vein treatments for those experiencing the embarrassment and pain of varicose veins. We have offices in Monroe, Anacortes, Everett, Mill Creek, Smokey Point, and Swedish South Everett.

Alleviate Pain and Discomfort with Varicose Vein Treatments at North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics.

Often confused with spider veins, varicose veins occur when the veins are expanded, causing bulges in legs. The blood moves through your veins in one direction but when a varicose vein occurs, it indicates that the vein stopped functioning and the blood is dissipating to other areas in your legs. Once the blood pools it results in a protruding varicose vein. Varicose veins typically are dark purple or blue in color and appear to be twisting and bulging.

What Options are there with Varicose Vein Treatments?

Varicose veins can become extremely painful. You could experience any number of these unfortunate side effects of varicose veins:

  • Heavy or achy feelings in your legs
  • Muscle cramping and swelling in your lower legs
  • Burning or throbbing in your lower legs
  • Itching around the veins
  • Bleeding from the veins

North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics offers a few options to eliminate varicose veins and restore your skin to a healthy appearance. An option that is both gentle and non-invasive is IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) treatment, which filters light to exclusively target blood vessels.

What are the Benefits of Varicose Vein Treatments?

By undergoing varicose vein treatments, you will notice several benefits from the procedures, such as:

Improved self-confidence and self-image
Reduction of pain
Improved sleep at night
Increase of mobility
Relief from swelling, cramping, and heaviness in your legs

As you can see the benefits outweigh the symptoms when it comes to being pain free and confident in your own skin! Dr. Dieter Schmidt and his team at North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics are able to take care of your unsightly varicose veins. Contact us and schedule a consultation at North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics today! Financing coverage may be available to cover treatment costs.

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