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Vanquish™ Treatment in Seattle, WA

Vanquish™ is one of the most popular methods of non-invasive body contouring available today. If you’re interested in getting rid of excess fat from your problem areas without having to experience downtime or discomfort, this is the perfect non-surgical fat reduction procedure for you! Our office locations serve the communities of Everett and Seattle.

Tighten and Tone your Problem Areas with Vanquish™ at North Sound Dermatology!

Vanquish™ is a FDA approved, non-surgical method of body sculpting. This procedure uses the gentle power of radiofrequency energy to target and eliminate fat in the stomach, love handles, back, thighs, and arms. These treatments are so effective that 85 percent of patients report being “very satisfied” with their results. Vanquish™ is a non-surgical fat reduction treatment plan.

How Does it Work?

Once a Vanquish™ treatment begins, radiofrequency energy is directed at the patient’s target treatment areas. This energy gently heats the fat tissue. As the fat tissue starts to heat up, it ruptures and is destroyed. Over time, the destroyed fat tissue is naturally removed from the body, leaving the patient with a leaner, more sculpted physique. Because the uppermost layer of skin is kept at a safe temperature during treatment, most patients experience absolutely no downtime after a Vanquish™ procedure.

What are the Benefits of this Treatment?

Vanquish™ brings the patients who receive it a wide range of unique, unparalleled benefits. These can include:

  • Non-surgical fat reduction
  • A comfortable, painless procedure
  • An average 2.2 inches of fat reduction
  • No downtime

Dr. Schmidt has spent over three years of his life testing the best non-surgical methods of fat reduction available today. Vanquish™ stood out as the safest and most effective treatment among its competitors.

Vanquish™ vs. SculpSure®

Vanquish™ treatment utilizes a device that hovers above the targeted area to be reduced while SculpSure® uses an applicator that is applied directly to the skin. Both treatments use heat to destroy fat cells but instead of radiofrequency heating from Vanquish™, SculpSure® uses a laser to apply the heat to the skin. There is also a time difference for the procedure with the two. Vanquish™ takes between 30 to 45 minutes and SculpSure® is finished within 25 minutes.

To get the best results with Vanquish™, it is ideal to have between three or four sessions. SculpSure® is known to offer results after the first session but it is encouraged to have multiple treatments of it as well. Vanquish™ reduces up to 59 percent of fat cells and is able to treat a larger area. SculpSure® is able to treat up to four different areas at the same time but only yields up to 24 percent of fat cells destroyed.

What Can I Expect from Treatment?

Each Vanquish™ treatment takes about 30 minutes to complete and involves absolutely no downtime. Treatment is so comfortable that most patients do not need any anesthesia before undergoing a session. While some changes can be seen after a single treatment, at least four are usually required to see dramatic results.

Interested in learning more about this exciting fat reduction treatment? Contact North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics today for more information, including important financing information, or to schedule a consultation appointment with a member of our expert medical providers. We are proud to service the neighborhoods of Seattle and Everett, as well as from locations throughout Washington.