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Six surprising facts about leg veins in Mill Creek

Are you embarrassed to wear short pants in public? Do you always wear opaque socks to hide your ankles? Is a bathing suit out of the question? Varicose or spider veins can ruin the appearance of your legs, your freedom to wear what you like, and a great deal of summer fun. You may look at, and loathe, those veins every day, but you may not know how they came to be – or how easily they can be remedied.

What should you know about leg veins?

  1. They are not new or deformed veins. Healthy veins don’t show through the skin, but when they are damaged or diseased they can swell and darken, becoming visible.
  2. They can have medical symptoms. Long considered a cosmetic issue only, vein problems can cause fatigue, itching, burning, cramping, open sores, and even changes in the color and texture of the skin.
  3. They can be treated without surgery. Vein stripping, a procedure nearly as unpleasant as it sounds, is rarely needed today. The treatment of choice is sclerotherapy, which only involves a few comfortable injections.
  4. Treatment is virtually painless. Traditional sclerosing formulas were known to cause pain and cramping when injected. We use Asclera, an advanced formula that has greatly improved the comfort of sclerotherapy.
  5. Successfully treated leg veins won’t come back. The return of closed or even removed veins is a common myth. Additional veins may become diseased, but they aren’t returning. Without treatment, the new ones would still develop, and you would have even more spider or varicose veins.
  6. Compression stockings are not ugly. Many patients cringe when advised to wear graduated compression stockings during recovery, or sometimes as a preventive measure. Contrary to what you may be imagining, they don’t look like medical devices. They are available in a variety of fashionable colors and styles, both opaque and sheer.

You can love your legs again, with safe, gentle, effective sclerotherapy treatment. It’s time to stop hiding your spider and varicose veins! Call North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics at 425-332-7981 to schedule a consultation to find out if you are a good candidate. We would love to see you at any of our five conveniently located offices, in Mill Creek, South Everett, Everett, Monroe, and Smokey Point.