Kybella® in Seattle, WA

North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics offers Kybella® to residents in Seattle, Everett and surrounding areas. Get rid of your unwanted double chin.

Eliminate Chin Fat for Good with Kybella® at North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics!

Until recently, stubborn double chin fat could not be eliminated by any means other than invasive procedures. Fortunately, there is now a simple way to bring patients excellent results without surgery. Kybella® is currently the only injectable that is FDA approved to remove fat from the chin area with only minimal downtime.

What is Kybella®?

Kybella® is the first and only injectable treatment that is FDA approved to eliminate submental fullness, or excess chin fat. This treatment can bring patients the youthful profile they want without having to undergo surgery or experience extensive downtime.

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How Does Kybella® Work?

The primary ingredient in Kybella® is deoxycholic acid, a substance naturally found within the body. In the body, this chemical aids in the breakdown and absorption of dietary fat. When injected into the chin during a Kybella® treatment, this product targets the membranes of the fat cells, causing them to rupture and die. Over time, these dead fat cells are gradually removed from the body, eliminating excess chin fat for good.

What Can I Expect from Kybella® Injections?

While Kybella® treatments are often somewhat uncomfortable, they are usually over within 15-20 minutes. Between two and four sessions are required for patients to see dramatic, long-lasting changes in their appearances.

While the downtime associated with Kybella® is much shorter than that experienced with a more invasive, surgical procedure, most patients go through about a week of social downtime. This is because swelling, bruising, and redness in the chin area are common after each injection session.

Am I a Candidate for Kybella® Injections?

Any man or woman with excess submental fat that they’d like to get rid of is a potential candidate for Kybella® treatments. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Kybella® is a treatment for excess fat, not excess skin. Individuals with excess skin in their chin area will need to undergo a separate procedure to eliminate it.

Getting rid of excess chin fat can be frustrating, but we can help! Contact North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics today for more information about Kybella® or to schedule a consultation appointment and learn about our financing information. We look forward to hearing from you, and helping you reach your aesthetic goals! We serve the communities of Everett and Seattle, as well as neighboring communities.