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IPL Photofacial in Seattle, WA

North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics offers residents of Mill Creek, Seattle, Everett and neighboring communities IPL photofacial treatments.

A photofacial is the use of Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) to treat brown spots (age spots/sun spots) and red blood vessels on the face caused by rosacea or sun damage. At North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics, we use one of the most advanced systems available, the Palomar Icon™ from Cynosure®. Our state-of-the-art facility is a national training center for the Palomar Icon™ system and our master medical aestheticians train dermatologists and plastic surgeons from across the country on this technology.

What does a Photofacial/IPL treat?

IPL is similar to laser treatment, but gentler and more versatile. The difference lies in the type of light used.

  • Red blood vessels (broken capillaries), spider veins and generalized redness of the face, neck and chest caused by rosacea or sun damage – IPL light energy targets hemoglobin, which is a primary component of blood vessels.
  • Brown spots – For treating sun spots, age spots, liver spots, and other pigmentation problems of the face, neck, chest, arms and hands.
  • Permanent hair removal – This is one of the most popular IPL-based treatments, and can be used for hair anywhere on the body.

IPL Photofacial Case 1

Frequently Asked Questions Photofacial/IPL Treatment

Is IPL safe for darker skin types too?

Yes. One of the greatest advantages of IPL is its versatility. The treatment can be tailored to your skin type and specific concerns.

How many IPL sessions will I need?

That depends on what is being treated and the size of the area being treated. For most patients, one to three treatments may be needed.

How long is the recovery period?

There is little to no downtime associated with IPL. You will be able to resume most normal activities immediately, although you will be advised to avoid the sun for a few days after treatment. Photofacial treatment may cause light skin flaking a couple of days after treatment, but this can usually be camouflaged with cosmetics.

Are photofacials beneficial for acne patients?

For acne patients who don’t want to use antibiotics or other strong medicine for their acne, we can do what is called a “power photofacial”. A special photosensitizing agent is applied to the treatment area before IPL light is applied. This helps kill the bacteria that cause acne.

Is treatment painful?

For most, it feels like a rubber band snapping against the skin. However, we do apply a topical anesthetic, which makes the procedure very tolerable.

If you have any questions about IPL Photofacial treatment, or if you would like to arrange an appointment, please contact us. You can visit North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics in South Everett, Monroe, Mill Creek, Anacortes, Smokey Point, or Everett. We also serve the Seattle community. In addition, learn more about our financing information.

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