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IPL Photofacial Before and After Pictures in Seattle, WA

North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics offers IPL® photofacial procedures that can transform your appearance. Dr. Dieter Schmidt conducts IPL® photofacials for patients in Seattle, Everett, and surrounding areas in Washington who want to counteract the negative effects of aging and environmental factors on their skin.

IPL® photofacial involves the use of intense pulsed light to erase skin defects. A special wand is used to deliver light beams to precisely the right area of your face or body, and these light beams work to erase imperfections while tightening the connective bands that are in the deep tissue layers. If you have sun spots, sun damage, wrinkles, redness in the facial area, enlarged pores, freckles, or broken capillaries an IPL® photofacial can help you restore your complexion.

IPL Photofacial Case 1

IPL Photofacial Case 2

IPL Photofacial Case 3

IPL Photofacial Case 4

IPL Photofacial Case 5

An IPL® photofacial allows you to enjoy improved skin tone and texture. Contact North Sound Dermatology Aesthetics to schedule a consultation and let Dr. Schmidt help you achieve optimal skin health and a glowing appearance.